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Routr is your all-in-one solution. We provide a hub for your company to autonomously operate in real-time, simplifying all management capabilities from operator to consumer.

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Our suite of business services and tools

We Go The Extra Mile - Routr

At Routr, we go the extra mile to ensure your children's safety

Transportation tracking

Our Parent Portal allows you peace of mind knowing that your child or student is safe. With live GPS data, you can receive real-time notifications regarding school and transportation.

Customizable alerts

Get notified about school updates, closures, and commute alerts. The ability to make sure your child or student is always safe, right in the palm of your hands.

Our services are designed for businesses of all sizes

See how Routr can help you manage and organize all aspects of your business in one place, keeping your data organized and safe.

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For Bus Operators

For Bus Operators - Routr

Discover the mission and story behind our company

Routr aims to automate the logistics industry by consolidating the methods companies currently use in providing services to consumers. Routr will be the hub for users that wish to improve transparency and efficiency in their organizations.

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Our impact in numbers

Since our launch in early September 2022, Routr has made a significant impact in keeping children safe and creating simpler solutions for our customers.

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